"A Magazine Show presents a selection of contemporary offbeat magazines, celebrating their intimate relationship with time and place, their willingness to play and shift within a rigid format, and their distinctive voices. The show - alongside public programs - offers space to read, listen, discuss, contemplate, subscribe, joke, and relax." - Miriam Gallery
"At its core, a magazine is meant to be lived with; thrown in your bag to take on the train, to the beach, the park. There’s the potential to tear out an article or an image to mail to a friend. It clarifies itself as a low-stakes object in it’s choice of cheap materials, and periodical publishing structure. Pages crinkle and wear and eventually it may be discarded, which is okay, because there’s always another issue to look forward to." -Miriam Gallery
Miriam Gallery is located at 319 Bedford Ave, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY 11211.

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