Photography by Neto Velasco

An Exclusive Interview with Arrow de Wilde and Henri Cash of Starcrawler
for MERDE Magazine
"The first time I saw Starcrawler, the band’s lead singer Arrow de Wilde spit on me. She was in the midst of a spirited performance where she, a 6’3’’ slender teenager with ratty blonde hair, choked herself with a microphone cord before spitting fake blood out over her adoring audience. Arrow and her guitarist Henri Cash are two of the most entertaining performers on the scene today and their careers are still remarkably young.
Starcrawler is writing a chapter of musical history one chaotic show at a time, and fashion is a central part of their identity. Cash swoons the audience like a rhinestone cowboy from hell, while Wilde plays a crazed, gangly rockstar commanding the stage with her jarring prowess. If this band isn’t on your post-pandemic bucket list of upcoming live entertainment, I suggest you pencil them in.
On stage, Starcrawler is an unclassifiable anomaly. They have a unique je ne sais quoi that just might land them in the ranks of rock royalty. But wait– is it rock? Glam? Punk? Goth?? Western?! Yes to all of the above. It’s Starcrawler.
Offstage, Starcrawler is very warm and polite. On October 21st, I had the chance to chat with Arrow de Wilde and Henri Cash before their show at Los Angeles’ Regent Theatre."
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