Printing Fashion #1
in partnership with Musée des Arts Decoratifs
During my time as a graduate student at The New School Parsons Paris, I worked closely with my peers and faculty to help host the third annual Printing Fashion Festival in February 2020. In combination with the physical event taking place at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, we collaborated to produce the first issue of this magazine: Printing Fashion.
Printing Fashion is a publication exploring the culture of printed fashion. It investigates the production and consumption of fashion publications while reflecting on the fashionability of printed media in the digital era. The magazine is dissected as a space for depicting the imaginary, but also disclosing economic transactions; the conventions, labor, value exchanges, material value, hidden practices, and figures that surround the making of a magazine. Each year the magazine focuses on a specific theme, reporting the experience of the people that produce, theorize, working in—and with—the magazine such as printers, editors, academics, curators, photographers, stylists, translators, researchers, collectors, interns, advertisers, students, distributors, copywriters and many more. Created in collaboration with graphic designer Monica Fraile Morisson, the magazine is founded by Justin Morin and Marco Pecorari within the MA Fashion Studies at The New School Parsons Paris. It is produced and distributed by KD Presse.
Printing Fashion is available at KD Presse.

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